On this site, you will find basic information about me and the work that I do. I hope this information gives you an initial sense of whether I may be a good fit for you. 


If you would like to discuss your specific needs, ask any questions, or schedule an initial consultation, please complete the contact form below. 

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing a mental health crisis such as thoughts of suicide, please contact 911, go to your local Hospital Emergency Department or call: 


King County Crisis Line at 206.263.9200 or 1.866.427.4747

Snohomish County Crisis Line at 425.388.7215



About Me

I obtained a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Washington State University and went on to complete a residency and post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Washington School of Medicine. In these settings, I received specialized training in health psychology, rehabilitation psychology and neuropsychology as well as experience working with healthcare providers and executives.


I have been on faculty at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center and the University of Washington / Harborview Medical Center. I have taught and supervised rehabilitation psychology interns, post-doctoral fellows, and medical students as well as engaged in NIH-funded research.

Prior to obtaining my PhD in Clinical Psychology, I worked as an infectious disease epidemiologist and Program Coordinator for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA.


My Specialty Areas of Practice and Professional Work

Critical Illness/Injury

I specialize in working with individuals without prior mental health concerns who are now experiencing difficulties after a critical illness or catastrophic injury. 

Everyone's path toward adjustment following a critical illness, chronic illness diagnosis, hospitalization, catastrophic injury or disability is different. I can help you to figure out what "adjustment" means for you and how to re-establish your sense of "normal" in the context of new or worsening physical, cognitive or emotional health.

Healthcare Providers

One of my areas of focus and passion is helping healthcare professionals and executives maximize life and career functioning through therapy and coaching. I have advanced training and experience working with medical providers and executives who are experiencing stress, burnout, or are trying to identify or readjust their career or personal goals.

General Anxiety

I specialize in providing individualized treatment, based in cognitive-behavioral and acceptance-based research-supported methods, for individuals with a variety of difficulties pertaining to anxiety, stress, and work/life transitions.

I provide healthcare organizations with individualized programs - based on their target goals - designed to enhance the bottom line through improved provider satisfaction and patient interactions, quality of care, patient satisfaction, and reductions in physician turnover. 

I thoroughly enjoy editing as well as writing and publishing and I have continued to work on collaborative projects with national and international colleagues since opening my business practice. I welcome additional opportunities to become involved in editorial projects in particular. 

Expert Witness

I am available to review records as expert witness for specialty areas of practice including, but not limited to: general rehabilitation; critical care medicine; traumatic brain injury; providers/healthcare professionals.


"Jennifer Jutte is one of only a few psychologists in North America who specialize in treating patients with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and cognitive impairment AFTER intensive care hospitalization/critical illness. She is an expert in psychological assessment and in the delivery of specialized psychological services and she combines a sharp intellect with a warm and nurturing persona. She is outstandingly capable and will put clients at ease, as she supports and guides them on their way to healing and wholeness. 


Please consider her as a referral source - I certainly will."

- Dr. James C. Jackson

Assistant Director, Vanderbilt University ICU Recovery Center

Director of Long-Term Outcomes, Center for Critical Illness, Brain Injury, and Survivorship